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All welcome till we start raiding!! lets just have fun till 50!


a family based guild in rift on the whitefall server EU

Me and Raizon are going to be working hard to provide you guys a great time in rift , we do intend on doing lots of PVP raiding , PVE raiding and my aim for the guild is to get us big enough , organized enough to do something every night , for everyone! As long as you can meet some basic requirements.

Basic rules and ethos!

The flexible and sensible rules which we must follow in order to have fun!

- You must be willing to go on voice when doing raid content ( no headset required but it is recommended) we have vent!

- You should have the appropriate gear for what we are doing, sorry we wont carry you , unless you have earned it and we can down the boss easily etc!Never just think we will carry you , but hey if theres no harm theres no loss!

- Raiding is not forced but it is encouraged! We will help you!

- PvP is also encouraged but greifing will not be tolerated!

- Swearing is allowed but racism and discrimination and everything that is to vulgar will not be tolerated! We are not clowns but respectable gamers!

- Acting like a jerk/idiot in anyway will get you warnings, then shortly after that if you dont stop, a kick from the guild

RL comes first but don't let that stop us from progressing!


ps Hopefully I wont let Raizon die so much on release!

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website is up

reikazen_zero, Feb 24, 11 10:22 AM.

let me work this place out after the weekend lol I just wanna play rift!!!1111

Only few hours left till play!

So-and-so has logged on!